It's Not a Dream - You're Next

It's Not a Dream - Falling

Dreams Are Made of These Cereals...

Oreo O's

Make Your Milk Happy!

It’s the stuff breakfast dreams are made of! Chocolatey, crunchy O’s with that OREO® cookie taste you love and a rich creme coating combine to give you a bowlful of cookie milk that tastes so good you’ll finish it off with a smile. Dig into the cereal you’ve been missing!

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Golden Oreo O's

Is this a dream?

Golden, crunchy O’s and a rich crème coating combine to bring that Golden Oreo® cookie taste you love to your breakfast table. So incredibly delicious, you might want to pinch yourself. But not too hard, because it’s not a dream.

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Honey Maid S'mores Cereal

S'mores Cereal

Enjoy the delicious taste of s’mores right in your cereal bowl with chocolatey goodness, sweet marshmallows and the delicious taste of HONEY MAID® Graham Crackers. Never have s’mores indoors been so delicious!

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Nutter Butter Cereal

Made with REAL peanut butter

If you love peanut butter, you have to try Post® NUTTER BUTTER® Cereal! Peanut-shaped pieces offer a crunchy bit of fun. A creamy coating with REAL peanut butter tops them off with the NUTTER BUTTER® flavor you love.

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Nilla Banana Pudding

It can't be real...but it is!

The taste of your favorite dessert, now in your cereal bowl. Nilla® Wafer flavored pieces with banana and marshmallow flavors come together in an unbelievably delicious breakfast combination. There’s nothing quite like it, even in your dreams. But it’s not a dream.

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Chips Ahoy Cereal

If you love chocolate chip cookies

And seriously who doesn’t – try this chip off the old block! Start your day with a cereal celebration that puts the taste of America’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie right into your breakfast bowl.

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It’s not a sour prank and it’s not a dream!

The SOUR PATCH KIDS® inspired cereal features fun, “kid” shaped pieces with a tart coating and a sweet finish. Whether enjoyed in a bowl of milk or straight from the box, Post SOUR PATCH KIDS® flavored cereal will make the cold days this winter a little less sour.

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